Another entry in my online diary: 5 February 2004

Update: 5 February 2004

I have had hundreds of emails in response to my narrative and some extremely helpful suggestions and I am writing to thank each of you for all your help.

In particular, I would like to thank Sharon Dudgeon (author of ‘Merry Christmas to Me’) for all her help in getting my husband recom­mended to her surgeon in Chicago, Dr Jeevandam; she seems to be remarkably interested in our situation. Sharon believes that God is on our side and I can only agree with her.

My husband shouldn’t have survived his first ruptured aneurysm and, according to medical opinion, shouldn’t even be here now – but he is very well and optimistic (especially since having his hopes raised by the people on this site) and, although time is running out for us, we are keeping our fingers crossed now that Dr Jeevanan­dam in Chicago can save his life in the nick of time. I hope my next update will be telling you that Alan has had his operation and that all is well.

Thank you all very much for your input and God bless you all.